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Finally the day has come when you can stop getting stressed out about your best friend's relationship with her dream man. She must have telephoned you nearly every day since she realised that she had found the one and only guy that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. The problem was, she was not so sure that he felt the same way about her and so the conversation with you was one of uncertainty and doubt, over and over again, until you were able to switch to automatic pilot mode, interjecting in all the right places with the odd 'yes' and 'no' here and there. Your helpful suggestion that she talk to him rather than you about the situation was swiftly brushed aside for many months, as she feared that she might send him running in the opposite direction by appearing over eager.

However, one day she was about to take the bull by the horns, as she just could not stand not knowing any more whether or not he cared for her, even though he said on several occasions that he did and she jumped right in at the deep end. She actually proposed to him. If she had waited for him to get round to doing it she knew that she would have had to wait forever and to her surprise he had picked her up high in the air and swirled her around until she felt dizzy and her head was still swimming with doubt.

After grinning at her without uttering a word, he had bent and kissed her swiftly on the lips, silently nodded and sidled away to put the kettle on. The reason you know all the details of this momentous proposal is that she rang you only 5 minutes after it had all happened and while the celebratory cup of tea was still hot. After having had to listen to her ramble on for months about this poor guy you were beginning to have doubts yourself about whether or not it would come to anything, but now that he has accepted her proposal he has started humming to himself, grinning widely for no apparent reason and treats your best friend like a little princess.

You just know that this story will have a fairy tale ending. Maybe they will not end up living in a castle near an enchanted forest, being visited by the wicked witch, but they will live happily ever after. The wedding will be completely romantic and the engagement party is going to be a full on wild celebration. Because she is your best friend and because you have been through the relationship's little ups and downs and are beginning to feel a bit like a fly on the wall, you really want to find the ideal engagement gifts for this extremely happy couple. So make your selection from a huge range of personalised engagement gifts which can display your own personal sentiment especially for them.

You seem to hold as many memories in your head as the happy pair and you have been on several double dates with them in the early days of their relationship so you feel that you know them really well. One of the most ideal engagement gifts that you could possibly give them is the Big Book of Memories, with a stunning pillar box red woven cotton cover and 24 cream coloured pages, each one with a sheet of glassine to protect those precious photos. You can either leave the pages of this lovely photograph album blank for them to have fun filling, completely fill the lovely book yourself with memorable photos or half fill it leaving the other half blank for them to complete. Whichever way you choose to present it, this is the ideal gift for such close friends whose memories you are certainly a part of.

As you do know their likes and dislikes so well, you will also know what their song happens to be and so another of those brilliantly appropriate engagement gifts is the Your Special Record Personalised CD Plaque, which displays their favourite single and its CD sleeve within a gorgeous presentation frame, along with a polished aluminium plaque stating their names and the date of their happy event. The Name a Star Lovers Special gives the star crossed lovers their own stars.

Along with the 2 co-ordinates for these romantic engagement gifts they will also receive a map of the stars, guide to the Northern Constellations and personalised certificate in a pretty presentation box with a heart shaped chocolate each. They will be thrilled to find that they each have their own special star and can spend those romantic evenings together staring up, starry eyed at those twinkling lights, until they get stiff necks and cold feet and have to go back indoors.
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Present Them With Ideal Engagement Gifts

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This article was published on 2011/01/26