Engagement Gift: Some Ideas

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By : Alex Lee

An engagement gift, traditionally given by close relatives and friends, is a way to wish new couple happiness and success in their upcoming days. Couples don’t except engagement gifts as they are not mandatory, but the near and dear ones give the soon-to-be bride and groom some practical things to show love and support to them.

It is nice to give a lot of thought when choosing an engagement gift. It is always great to choose something that will help the couple a great deal in their upcoming days, or something that has special meaning.

You can give an individual gift to the bride or groom or can gift something that will work for both of them. Whatever your decision is, just check the usability of the gift.

The following are some ideas that are sure to make great engagement gifts.

For the Groom

When hearing about a new engagement, the first thing that comes to the mind is the dazzling ring that the soon-to-be groom presents to the soon-to-be bride, but as times change, engagement gifts for the guys are becoming more common. But picking the perfect gift for a groom can be daunting. The following ideas will help to figure out the best one.

Masculine jewelry is now the most popular gift for a groom. Guys use nice jewelry to make themselves more fashionable and striking. Branded and nice watches, wrist or pocket, or silver cufflinks can be great. A branded wine kit or tickets to a concert or sporting event would also be great as they show how you feel for him and want to keep him excited.

For the Bride

While thinking about an engagement gift for the bride it can be nice to be practical. You can give her something that will bring her a lot of fun and delight while enjoying the transition into the new chapter of her life.

Some fun bride gear like caps, t-shirts, tank tops, cute sandals etc. will be great. After the engagement, the bride will be entering a busy time, making all the necessary preparations for the wedding. Another great gift idea would a subscription to a bridal magazine or multiple bridal magazines.

For the Couple

Choosing an engagement gift for the couple can be more fun. As a friend of both of them you can’t avoid one and give a gift to the other. So you have to choose something for both of them. Wine and flowers are the traditional gifts but it might be nicer to give something unique and different.

A new couple has to clean and decorate their house before their wedding. You can help them out by gifting a coupon of a reputable house cleaning service. It will also be great to give them a coupon for engagement photography session. Lessons on cooking and dancing will also bring a lot of fun for the couple and provide them some romantic moments when they will be busy with their wedding preparation.

Engagement is a time when a couple is going to start a new beginning to their life. So giving them something unique, memorable, special, or practical will likely give them the best memories.

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Engagement Gift: Some Ideas

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This article was published on 2010/10/02